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By followingcaminho

December 27, 2010

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So… here it is!

After few weeks of thinking whether I should start it or not I finally decided to bring it to life. My Caminho leads to so many spots that sometimes I can’t even keep up with all the news myself! Recently there’s been so much going on, my head is full of ideas and dreams and sometimes I wonder if I have enough time in my life to do everything, to make all of this come true…

Sharing this blog with you I want to share an important part of my life with you – my Caminho. Caminho is not only the “way” (“path”) to me. It’s the way of living the life. It’s every little thing I do, it’s the inner voice that calls me on the road, it’s about making choices, it’s dreaming and believing. It’s everything.

So let me tell you my story…
and follow my Caminho if you like.

*O snail / Climb Mount Fuji, /But slowly, slowly!
(Haiku of Issa)


2 Responses to “following caminho”

  1. Good luck to walk your camino Marta!!

  2. Your caminho is one of my inspirations 🙂

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