snow’s whisper

By followingcaminho

December 27, 2010

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It was a very cold yet sunny day. A light mist between the trees and cracking snow made it a perfect december afternoon. A great day for a winter walk. I went with Tori to the river banks and let him run, jump and chase the sun. It’s one of the most beautiful things you can imagine – to see your beloved pet happy and wagging his tail. After difficult week full of tension, fear and moving from one place to another he deserved such a jolly afternoon! His sparkling eyes and cold nose were provoking me to play with him what I did from time to time while taking pictures.
It was so restful and blissful…

Little things make you happy!


3 Responses to “snow’s whisper”

  1. Life is wonderful when you can share it with a marvellous pet! That’s really love! 🙂

  2. You’re right. Little things make you happy! 🙂 …a speccially with our little friends. 🙂
    ps. a teraz dodam, że moj angielski jest mocno archaiczny (prosty) i niekompletny, więc prosze o ewentualne wybaczenie literówek tudzież nieznajomości w ogóle. 🙂 (1,5 roku nauki (!szaaał) właśnie idzie w las 😉 )

  3. Love and be loved,
    Carry the sun in your heart!

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