dare to dream… and to cook!

By followingcaminho

December 28, 2010

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When I opened my mail box today the first message that popped up was a short e-mail from Nancy, a great Belgian friend and my personal hero. She wrote few words about this blog that put a big smile on my face:
normaal hou ik niet zo van blog’s, maar die van jou komt uit het hart, de buik en het hoofd.

We met in the Netherlands this summer where we worked together. The mutual passion for cooking was something that initiated our friendship. Nancy always cared about my eating habits after work and she was the only person who fully understood my miserable situation. She tried to convince the cooks to put some effort into preparing vegetarian dishes for me but it mostly seemed to be a big problem for them (no surprise). It was such a relief and joy when she invited me over to her place in Belgium for a delicious dinner and wine!

Nancy soon became one of my female heroes alongside Alexinne Tinne, Mary Kingsley and Isabella Lucy Bird. Unlike the other ladies she isn’t a 19th century traveler but just like them she had courage and will to do a U-turn in her life and make her dreams come true. Nancy worked for 20 years as an optician in Bruges and at some point she felt she had to make a change. Within a week she sold her shop and started working in a hotel preparing breakfast. A few months later she started attending classes in a special school in Bruges to gain knowledge of food. At the moment she’s happy serving her clients in a pâtisserie and tea room in Knokke:

After all – loving what you do is a real treasure.

Yesterday I got a package from Belgium. Nancy sent me probably the coolest Xmas present I’ve ever got! A teddy-bear in an apron with a witty embroidery – born to shop… forced to cook! How fantastic is that! Hitting the bull’s-eye!
Merci, Nancy!

I also got a Dolce&Gabbana mascara in a golden packing… yea, really poshy ;).
Now I can be like the 98% of visitors in Knokke!


2 Responses to “dare to dream… and to cook!”

  1. I had a dream lately… Something was telling me – “do what you like to do for a living”… Maybe I should make something creative with cooking, which is one of my biggest passions 😉

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