2010: some dreams came true!

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December 31, 2010

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Ups and downs, successes and failures, joy and sorrow… 2010 was full of everything. An average year I could say… but nothing is average any more. Since Iberia Infinita – the trip that opened my eyes and my heart, the trip during which Caminho was born and finally the trip that changed my life – things have more intensity and mean a lot. So even if this year wasn’t that good as the last one, there are things to be proud of. Things to be happy about.
Some dreams came true!


My Top 10

1.    Camino de Santiago
meeting with Andoni

The biggest dream since 2009 that came true!
I walked the medieval pelgrims’ route during Año Santo (the next one is in 11 years!) – first in February in the province of La Rioja and then in October through Castilla y León and Galicia. The total distance I made is ca. 320km.
Next day after getting to Santiago another dream came true! I found Andoni! One of the three incredible pelgrims I met in July 2009. One of those who inspired so much! I couldn’t believe it was happening for real… we were cuddling and our eyes were shining…
It was one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences in my life… Something that cannot really be described with words… if you want to understand it, you have to live it.
So what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack, lace your shoes and follow the yellow arrows!

2.    Graduating from the university
and getting MA

After five years of really hard work, thousands of essays, millions of word lists and tests I defended my thesis (Analyse van de eerste Nederlandstalige reisgids van het vrije Polen in het kader van algemeen toerisme) and graduated. Finally!

3.    Meeting amazing friends
Iván, Nancy, Edu, Elisa, Diego…
Friends met during Camino de Santiago – Lola, Dani, José Luis, Gonzalo & Gregorio and Gonzalo (from Madrid).
All friendly drivers who helped me out while hitchhiking, especially the young trucker Daniel (Wrocław-Gera)!

4.    Inviting my mum over to Belgium
One of my long-lasting dreams (inviting my mum for a short holiday).
I bought her a flying ticket, booked a hotel and gave her a guided tour in Brussels. I was happy and proud of myself!

5.    Buying SRL
and taking amazing photos

I’ve always dreamt of having this camera! I waited for more than a year to buy it… and finally I have it! I can’t believe some photos are actually mine!
I love it!

6.    Hitchhiking with Hannes,
his sister and la signora genovese

It’s one of those hitchhiking stories that you always wanna share with your fellow travelers.
I was waiting for ages in burning sun on some petrol station in Genova and was waiting for a lift. After 60min I was getting really anxious and thought:
What the hell is going on? Why does nobody stop? I’m turning to a lobster! Arghhhh… 1-2-3-4-breath… okay, okay, I get it. I have to wait for so long to catch a fantastic ride. Caminho help me out!
Ten minutes later a car with three people inside stopped. They were a brother and a sister from Italian Tirol and an old lady from Genova. They were going to Bressanone (Brixen) in the mountains. Bergamo, where I was heading, wasn’t exactly on their way but they made extra 40km to drive me there and invited me over for dinner!
Unlike with other drivers, I’m still in touch with Hannes!

7.    Getting driving license
Pfffff… it was tough but I passed the exam!

8.    Two-colours pepper soup
and other cooking experiments

I swing in the kitchen as often as I can!
I brought 10kg of cookbooks from the Netherlands! I try new recipes and I’m not afraid to experiment! Some results are more than satisfactory!
My biggest success so far: two-colours pepper soup! Delicious and beautifully served!
Bon Appétit!

9.    Being qualified for a national exam
for air traffic controllers in Warsaw

One of my crazy ideas!
I sent an application and a CV. I was surprised when they invited me for a national exam in Warsaw as one of 500 candidates. The spatial orientation test was way to difficult for me but I knew I wouldn’t make it before I set off. I didn’t manage to get to the second stage of recruitment which didn’t surprise me really.
No regrets though! It was a very interesting experience!

10.    Starting with handicrafts
I’ve started with handmade jewellery from beads and felt. I make bracelets, brooches, earings.
It’s fun and relax in one!


Wishing you an outstanding New Year I want to dedicate you a special song…
Dorota Miśkiewicz

Już zmierzch, już lampy cień
Porannych gazet wieńczy los
Minął kolejny Twój dzień, Caminho wołam Cię.

Twe imię drogi Mój
Codziennej drogi streszcza sens
Minął kolejny mój dzień, Caminho usłysz mnie.

W drodze wyjątku znajdź mnie
Caminho, Caminho jestem twą najlepszą z dróg.

Już noc, już zowi czas
drogi od tych słów do snów
Minął kolejny nasz dzień, Caminho przyjdź we śnie.

W drodze wyjątku mnie znajdź
Caminho, Caminho tamtą drogą nie idź, bo
Ta noc już wieńczy brzask
Porannych gazet nowy stos
Oto kolejny nasz dzień
Caminho, kocham Cię.

Caminho, Caminho…


2 Responses to “2010: some dreams came true!”

  1. Wow, you made really nice things! And really lovely photos!!! My best wishes to your new year 2011!

  2. It’s great to be praised by a great photographer!
    Thanx Edu and all the very best to you, too!

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