you won’t know unless you try

By followingcaminho

January 6, 2011

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Rough Guides is one of my favourite travel publishing companies. Their guides are fantastic. The structure is very clear and everything’s in the right order. The guides are full of interesting information on cities/sights with a reliable historical and cultural background; city, region and area maps; black & white and colour photos. They contain also a lot of practical information about the country and its culture, traveling to and in the country, accommodation, media, etc. For those who are interested in bars, pubs and restaurants they provide a wide range of choice not forgetting about vegetarians! One can always have a look at the simple dictionary with a short introduction on phonetics, too.

These days Rough Guides is organizing a photo competition called Rough Guide World Lens Competition. Every photo submitted will be featured in the Rough Guides slideshow gallery and the main prize is a Canon SRL camera.
Definitely worth taking part!

The competition will last until 14th March. I’ve already sent my pictures for the Round One. One of them is the photo I took in La Granja (Castilla y León) – a beautiful spot close to a gorgeous city of Segovia.

I’m not expecting anything but…
you won’t know unless you try!


7 Responses to “you won’t know unless you try”

  1. I hope that you will win with your marvellous photo!!! 😉

    • I won’t ;). I noticed too late that the contest is only for US and UK citizens… well, maybe next time! But there’s other photo competition I’m taking part in these days so… who knows 😉

  2. Seriously don’t bother with this competition, I’ve entered two rounds and not heard/ seen a single entry uploaded to their entrants slideshow (which has been subsequently been pulled from the website).

    It looks like the competition hasn’t generated much interest (judging by the embarassing low number of tweets and facebook “likes”) and they’re not going to be giving out the prizes.

    • Thanks for the info, James.
      Honestly, I’m not worried about this competition at all… it’s a shame I couldn’t take part in it but there’ll be other contests and I’ll take more photos to choose from. At the moment I’m participating in Ciemna Strona Wrocławia (Dark Side of Wrocław) and who knows… maybe there’ll be a small victory. And if not…? I’ve just made my dream come true last Friday and organised my own exhibition. That was the best prize ever 🙂

  3. Thanks for looking at my website, I really like your blog. How did your exhibition go? I did an exhibition at Oxford University Press head office (where I used to work) and got a lot of positive feedback 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      The exhibition went fine! Everyone liked it. I was asked to show my photos followed by a small lecture/meeting with university students at Dutch Cultural Centre in March (photos are from Dutch province of Zeeland, the homeland of Abel Tasman who discovered New Zealand). I was really happy to have a very positive feedback from my cousin who studied photography for some time… for me, a complete amateur who’s never read anything about composition, framing, light, etc it meant a lot 🙂
      I was a bit nervous at the beginning (after all it was my first time) but it all went just the way I wanted it! I hope next follow 🙂

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