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January 9, 2011

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John Donne, an English poet born in London in the 16th century, wrote once:

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.

I’ve always believed so. The sound of the rustling paper when you open a letter, its smell, its thickness… stamps, the author’s handwriting, the ink… and above all – the content. A letter is like an eternal part of the one who writes it. And the one who gets it is the lucky owner of someone’s feelings, thoughts and soul even.

I used to write tons of letters when I was younger. I remember exchanging short letters with my two friends who have lived in the same city, one of them 20 minutes walking from my place. My mother always wondered. For us it was great fun and waiting for each other’s letters was always exciting.
I also wrote many letters to one local radio DJ. It almost felt like my civic duty to post something at least once in two weeks. Then I would listen to Saturday’s evening charts and wait for my letters to be mentioned
(which happened a lot by the way).
I loved it!

With the new era lots of things have changed and getting letters is a rarity. E-mails replaced traditional letters and text messages occasional cards. Pity.
Fortunately, sometimes you can count on a postcard! This is pretty comforting.

Yesterday I found a website of a very interesting project called Marzycielska Poczta (Dreamy Post).  The idea is to send letters and postacards to terminally ill kids.  Most of them suffer from leukemia, cystic fibrosis, hydrocephalus, muscular atrophy, Down’s syndrome,
Asperger’s syndrome, etc.
Their world is often limited to their closest family because they either have no chance for a normal life (their condition doesn’t allow it) or don’t have time to interact with other people (because of their treatment, rehabilitation, inhalation).
Letters and postcards are thus their only “window on the world”. It’s important to let them know they aren’t alone and that there are so many people who care for them and offer their support. I can’t even imagine their joy when finding something in the mailbox…

I’m sending my first letter tomorrow!
I’m really thrilled!

I strongly encourage you to support this project! It’s a beautiful idea worth putting a little bit of our effort in it!

Let’s help children believe!


The website of the project:
Marzycielska Poczta

Profiles of sick children:
Chore dzieci


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