forgotten trams

By followingcaminho

January 15, 2011

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Mkną po szynach niebieskie tramwaje przez wrocławskich ulic sto
Tu przechodnia uśmiechem witają dzieci, kwiaty,
i każdy dom

Na przystankach nucą słowiki
Przez Sępolno, Zalesie i Krzyki niesie melodię wrocławski wiatr…

In the beginning of the 50’s a very popular Polish singer – Maria Koterbska – recorded a song that quickly became a sort of urban anthem of Wrocław. Called Wrocławska piosenka (Wrocławian song) it praised the city and its blue trams. Soon every tram driver knew it by heart and “the tram waltz” (you can listen to it here) landed on the first page of the capital songbook of MPK (urban public transport company). The real reason for painting the city trams blue after the World War II is not comepletly known. Some sources claim it happened on the model of Lviv’s trams, while other say that there was no other paint in tram depot. Either way, the blue trams have been speeding on the rails of Wrocław incessantly for 66 years.

A few days ago I read about a photo contest organised by one (photo) gallery and decided to take part in it. The contest is called
Ciemna Strona Wrocławia
(Dark Side of Wrocław). The idea is to take pictures of places that have been forgotten, unknown or not popular – typical non-touristic spots. Ever since I read about it I had a perfect plan!

Today in the morning my uncle and my mum gave me a ride to an old tram depot a few kilometres from the centre. I knew I’d find there very old, demaged, run-down trams. Trams that are few dozen years old. Ideal objects for the
dark-side-convention! It gave me a lot of pleasure to commune with history of my city on this wet January day. Breaking twigs beneath my feet, cloudy sky, black puddles and these forgotten monuments of the past… how many people traveled using them?
How many routes did they make?
How often did drivers whistle “the tram waltz”?

Will the forgotten trams add splendour to other dark sides of Wrocław?
We’ll see, we’ll see…


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