guacamole time!

By followingcaminho

January 16, 2011

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Have you ever tried guacamole? I haven’t until yesterday. I’ve heard about this famous Mexican dip for a long time but I couldn’t brace myself up to make it. It was probably because I’ve never find the main ingredient really tasty…

Avocado. The base for guacamole. When I think of it I immediately associate it with Pearl Jam’s 2006 record called simply Pearl Jam. The album’s cover depicts an avocado cut in half – that’s why many fans call it Avocado or The Avocado Album.  This CD was also one of the reasons for trying this fruit for the firts time! Unfortunately, I didn’t like it (because of a nauseating taste) and I gave up all recipes including this exotic, pear-shaped green berry.

Knowing that avocado has a high nutrition content (potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamine B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, vitamine E, vitamine K, etc)
I decided to buy it again and prepare something interesting. Guacamole seemed perfect!

We enjoyed the greenish dip a lot yesterday night! It had a little bit spicy yet mild taste. And this colour! Really fancy, eh! It was terrific with crackers but it was also just right to be eaten with a spoon directly from a bowl. Definitely one of the best dips I’ve ever eaten!


I made guacamole mixing two recipes (one from 1080 recepten & one online recipe)
and adding my own idea:

* 2 avocados
* 1 small onion
* 1 clove of garlic
* 1 small tomato
* 1/3 pepperoni pepper
* 1 teaspoon of grounded coriander
* 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
* (sea) salt

Mash avocados with a fork.
Add finely chopped onion, garlic, tomato,
pepperoni pepper and
Stir everything adding lemon juice.
Add salt to taste.



3 Responses to “guacamole time!”

  1. Próbowałam zrobić guacamole na zeszłego Sylwestra. Hmmm… nie będę może komentować rezultatów. Powiem tylko, ze avocado musi być koniecznie bardzo dojrzałe i mięciutkie, żeby można było je rozgnieść widelcem. Inaczej żaden mikser temu zadaniu nie sprosta;)

  2. Ale to chyba tylko z meksykańsko dojrzałym avocado:)

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