reach for the stars

By followingcaminho

January 23, 2011

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Within a month from starting followingcaminho I read so many nice words, so many people told me they like the blog and my photos. Thank you! The reason for starting it was to create a virtual space for my thoughts and dreams, a pleace where
I could share the joy I find in so many things everyday.

Two weeks ago my Italian friend Mic wrote me:
I’ve just read your entire blog… and I wanted to say: thank you. For sharing all of it, for your wonderful pictures, for letting me – and anybody else who reads it – “travel” with you, for showing how many good people there are on our ways… It’s just amazing how your words made me smile and shiver and feel full of hope. Blogging was definitely a good idea! 🙂

If my words can make you happy…
then I’m happy too!
Life isn’t only about work, bills and chores. We all live in our hectic and demanding world but we cannot forget there’s much more than this! We should try to see the beauty around us even if we think there’s none. We should have dreams and make them happen. We should stop for a while and think if the path we’ve chosen is right.

I’m no different from millions of people around the globe. I work, I have obligations, I can’t wait until Friday’s afternoon… But there’s one thing that may distinguish me from many others…
I have dreams
and I’m not afraid to fight for them.
After allEvery great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars
to change the world*.

Harriet Tubman (1820-1913)


4 Responses to “reach for the stars”

  1. True! I like your blog because of your passion, sensitivity and sense of beauty which we can observe with every single post here. And you’ve got a traveller soul! We like it, I like it!

  2. My words sound so nice in your post…. ;))

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