pilgrim who became a hostess

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February 9, 2011

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If dreams come true in such express pace…
this should be the best year of my life!

Yesterday another good news arrived in my e-mailbox at 7.32 in the morning. I got the official confirmation from Kuba who coordinates short-term volunary work project in pilgrims’ shelter on Monte do Gozo in Spain. I’m going to host and take care of pilgrims walking Camino de Santiago in the first half of May.

Becoming hospitalera was my great dream since
I walked the Camino in October last year. I’ve always wanted to see Camino de Santiago from other perspective. The perspective that gives you possibilities to meet people from all over the world, to stamp their credenciales, to enjoy mutual dinners and simply to talk to them… ask them about their experiences during the Camino, their dreams, their motivation…

The shelter complex on Monte do Gozo is a few kilometres from Santiago de Compostela. These shelters are the last ones before reaching the finish line. A lot of pilgrims stay there for a night and walk to Santiago the next morning. The shelter I’ll be taking care of is the Polish unit run by a priest (o. Roman). I’ve heard a lot of good things about him and this shelter during one of the meetings of Polski Klub Camino de Santiago (Polish Club Camino de Santiago). When I saw there was a possibility to apply for the voluntary work in 2011 I didn’t hesitate.
I sent the application the same day and waited
for some information.

Meanwhile I was looking for cheap flights and the easiest way to get to Santiago by the end of April. I decided to go from Bergamo and to hitchhike to Italy with few stops on the way (Munich and Bressanone in Italian Tirol to visit some friends).
I just needed to get the confirmation from Kuba. Last week I dreamt about the Camino almost every night so at some point I decided to sent him a message and ask about Monte do Gozo. Obviously I wanted to buy the ticket as soon as possible before prices go crazy. Kuba gave me the green light and yesterday night I purchased my dream ticket to lovely Santiago! A few minutes later I reminded myself that I could search for another cheap airlines and buy one more ticket. Succes was meant to be! I bought ticket to Forlì from Wrocław for nothing! The distance between Forlì en Bergamo is about 315km and there is Bologna, Modena and Verona on the way! These six days I’ll spend in Italy before departing to Spain will definitely be great! Can’t wait!

So if you’re still wondering why I always turn down all those job offers from big companies… now you know! I would never change my dreams for easy come, easy go solutions.
Dreams are worth fighting for! And the boundless joy that fills you after making them reality… PRICELESS!


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