unlucky cyclist

By followingcaminho

February 10, 2011

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All the good things happening in life are worth mentioning and there are always a few reasons to do so (share happiness/make someone smile/inspire/encourage to do the same*).
*choose whatever you like… e.i. everything!

But what about sad or bad news…?
Well, sometimes it’s good to let others know what to avoid and let them know nothing serious happened…

Unfortunately, yesterday’s morning wasn’t my day.
The culture of driving in Poland is light years behind West European countries. It rarely happens that a pedestrian or a cyclist has any rights. Drivers behave as if they were holy cows. I felt it with several pains all over my body yesterday. On my way to work I had an accident. When I was cycling I was hit by a car. On the bike path that goes through zebra (!). I had no chance to react on time. I fell of my bike, got bruised and didn’t even see what happened within next minute. I just crawled to reach the sidewalk and sat there holding my head and crying. I had a terrible headache and my right leg that had a direct contact with a car hurt. The woman who caused the accident helped me get up and she took me to the hospital while I was groaning and massaging my leg. When we got there she told me she didn’t want to have problems (it wasn’t her car) and that she was in a hurry (!). To soothe the conscience she left me some money. It was difficult to get any information from her but finally she gave me her mobile number too. I was too worried about the possible consequences of the accident to think about formalities. I was scared somethig could have happened to my neck which already is in a bad shape as last year’s MRI showed…

In the hospital they called the police and took me for the CT. I spent there over two hours before they released me with a recommendation of a “peaceful way of life for the next days”. The police took notes and handed me the case number. I don’t have to mention that everyone was surprised that I didn’t write down the car plates… yea, honestly this was  my smallest concern at the time of the accident.

Luckily nothing bad happened. I took a sick leave from work and will spend next few days on rubbig Voltaren and goat’s ointment here and there. I still suffer from pain and feel like my limbs were from lead. My eyebrow is still swollen and the left knee is growing bigger and turning purple. But the worst is yet to come – supposedly the second day is the thoughest…
Uhh, ooh, ouch.


4 Responses to “unlucky cyclist”

  1. 😦 so sorry for you!
    my fingers crossed for a quick and good recovery!

  2. I will drink for your health as well! 🙂 Can be a red wine?

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