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February 11, 2011

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The unfortunate bike accident has come to the fore these days and all phone calls and chats concern this nasty occurrence.
Nevertheless, there are million other things to occupy my mind with.

Taking adventage of my sick leave I decided to spend some time on few creative things I haven’t had time for in a while. Handicrafts and cooking was on yesterday’s list. I made a couple of colourful felt earrings and tried out the new recipe from 1080 recetas (my empanada with champignons, white cheese and parsley was so tasty that I managed to try only a small piece before it was all gone… I got really angry few hours later…). Today, still feeling weak, I’ve spent the half of the day in bed reading a book full of inspiration and business tips for
professional-to-be-photographers. It was a funny feeling to read my own thoughts in this book – if you do something from passion, then you’re really free; photography begins with the imagination, career too; do what you love; if you want your dreams to become reality, you have to begin with your dreams and always keep an eye on them. These ideas of living our lives this way pump up a lot in my conversations with Paulina, a friend I’ve known for a long time and – hopefully – my business partner in the future.
Having a great passion is the first step.
Isn’t it?

To end up this rainy and sleepy afternoon with a pinch of sunshine I prepared one of my favourite Spanish classics – tortilla de patatas. We’ve commented on it a lot on Aga’s blog
(Szkice hiszpańskim piórkiem)
and suddenly I felt urgent desire to make it. This time I made sure no one was around and enjoyed my meal with a glass of fresh lemon juice on the rocks. Mmmm!
I’ve almost forgot how much pleasure cooking can give.
The kitchen’s swing was back!


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