santiago on my fingertips

Technology’s amazing.
You can be at your home almost 3000km away and yet be able to see the streets, buildings and monuments in another country. Yesterday I visited casco antiguo of Santiago de Compostela and spent some time at Praza da Quintana – the most magical place for me in this city. The place which is full of memories, good thoughts, happy encounters and birds singing in the early morning…
The place where my love for Santiago has begun.

With two cool websites I was able to take the virtual journey and enjoy well-known views. The first one – Descubre Galicia – gives you the possibility to start the sightseeing from a very popular park in the city where you can bump into lots of locals often jogging or enjoying their afternoon walks.
The other site – Libro de Piedra – lets you start the cyber tour from Praza do Obradoiro. If you’re interested, you can also enter La Catedral de Santiago de Compostela
or Museo de la Catedral.

Websites like these are amazing tools. When I’m off the road for a while and want to visit some places I just type the name, press enter and dive into labyrinth of streets!


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