welcome traveller & feel at home

I haven’t had the possibility to receive guests for a really long time. Experiencing so much warmth, love and care during my last travels I was longing to become a hostess once again. I promised myself whenever I get a chance, I’ll invite a fellow traveller over.

The opportunity came unexpected this weekend.
I saw a last minute request on Wrocław CS group on Friday morning before leaving for work.
A Slovenian guy who studies in Brno (I also went there for my Erasmus scholarship two years ago!) was asking for accommodation. I sent him a text on my way to the office and few hours later Blaž replied from a train from Berlin. I was expecting him on Saturday.

Blaž was up to my idea of inviting some (CS) friends over for dinner so I contacted a few people in the morning and convinced some to change their plans for the evening. My Slovenian guest arrived in the afternoon and we started a great chat that followed my kitchen swing. Around 8 p.m. Linda, Karol and Michał showed up. Piotrek didn’t read my text as we found out the next day and Ania got sick. So there was six of us, talking, laughing and having good time! There was an onion soup, pasta with mushrooms, salad, small palemras with chocolate and good wine. It felt almost like Christmas (the annual Christmas Eve at my place for HC/CS friends) and our old get togethers when we all studied… a bit nostalgic. Really, really nice.

On Sunday I took Blaž to Nalanda to show him my photos and to warm up a bit. It was another very cold and windy day. It started well with sun and frost but with time the sky was covered with thick, grey clouds and wind started blowing terribly. We split later to meet up again at home because I had some extra work to do. We spent an easy Sunday evening drinking tea (me) and cocoa (Blaž) and discussed about linguistics and travelling again. It was cool to talk Czech again and it was great fun to decode the meaning of particular words in Czech, Polish, Slovenian
and Serbian.

It was a great weekend.
Mostly because of a great guest!


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  1. […] and on Friday I’m heading Slovenia. I’m going to spend the Christmas weekend with Blaž and his family in a village close to the mountains. If we’re lucky enough maybe some hiking […]

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