queen of colours

The big day comes closer and closer but in the meantime life goes on. Casual stuff, you know. Between work and rest there’s not much left… but there’s always time to live up some memories! I often take a look at photos from my recent travels and recall all good things that happened.

Yesterday I was selecting 120 photos to print because it was the last day of a really great deal at Fotojoker. For the whole set I’m going to pay about 9 euros (36 zł)! I decided to choose pictures I took in Andalucía in November during my 10-day trip to the South. The intense colours, the clear sea and the ubiquitous sun on those snaps made my heart warming up with every minute, although the temperature and the weather outside are still pretty harsh. The memories of warm Almería, meeting friends in Málaga, incredible time in Granada and views from coaches… the snowy Sierra Nevada, thousands of white houses along the Andalusian coast and somewhere there in the mountains and the endless sea… So beautiful.  I wish I could stay there longer…  But one thing
I know for sure – I’m definitely coming back sometime!

The Andalusian colours are amazing – blue, green, yellow, pink, white, purple, black and red. They all seem brighter there. As if every of them had also the incredible emotional power. It’s difficult to explain… you have to experience it. If there’s a place where colours can express feelings better than words, then it must be Andalucía.

La reina de los colores.


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