ticket collector

I used to collect tram/bus tickets when I went to primary and grammar school. I’ve never had any special aim for doing this… I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have some souvenirs from the past. Within few years I managed to collect over 100 tickets. I kept them in a small red Pringles box in one of the bookcase’s drawers and almost forgot I have them.

On Wednesday I read an add in “advertisements, questions, hobbies” section where someone asked about used tram/bus tickets. The guy wrote he was a collector looking for more tickets. I sent him an e-mail offering my collection. I thought – if there’s someone who benefits from it and who’s happy… why not give it away?

The guy who calls himself Andi showed up yesterday at my work to pick up the envelope full of tickets. He was indeed very happy to see how many tickets I gave him. It turned out his father was a tram driver and his passion for trams started very long time ago. He also told me that there was a reportage about Ciemna Strona Wrocławia on TV not long ago and that they told about the exhibition and my winning photos!
Such a shame I missed it!

Andi asked me about the address of the galery to see the photos of trams himself and sent me a link about ticket collectors’ rally later that day.

Someone said once – the biggest happiness is to have passion.
It is, it is.


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  1. 🙂 hi!! Nice movement! Kindness always returns to you in some way!

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