sweet side of onion

Recently I haven’t had any time for new kitchen experiments and my dishes became really monotonous… it’s always something quick and easy. I don’t like to cook when I have little time and no ideas. The best time to devote myself to food are weekends, however, the last few weeks meant more studying than cooking really
(more about that later).

When I opened the fridge this evening it was half empty and I didn’t find many things for myself. I’m the most demanding one-third at home (in the past they’d call me fussy when being vegetarian meant something very odd) and sometimes it causes problems. Especially when I’m hungry and
I have to please myself with another sandwich instead of a fancy empanada, cream-soup, spicy pancakes or a casserole. We ran out of many vegetarian products but I found some quark (or white cheese as we call it in Poland) that would go perfectly with caramelized onion. In Spain I fell in love with toast with queso de cabra con cebolla caramelizada. If there is a bar where they serve it,
I always order this delicious tapa. Tonight
I replaced goat cheese with quark and enjoyed this easy, quick yet very tasty spread!

First, I fried onion until it got soft stirring it the whole time. Then I sprinkled it with some sugar and kept on stirring until onion got light brown.
I mixed quark with onion and voilà, that was it!
I spread it on two halfs of a fresh roll and satisfied my palate with this scrumptious meal.


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