bass dance

It’s almost a tradition. Every year around springtime Wojtek Pilichowski and his band play in Wrocław. As a faithful fan I always do my best to be there, however, I missed last two concerts (in 2010 because of a national mouring and in 2009 due to my stay in Czech Repulic where I was studying for a few months). But tonight I’m attending the concert with my friend and I’m really looking forward!

Wojtek Pilichowski isn’t the top celebrity in Poland. In fact, there are many people who have never heard of him. Well, unless you’re interested in instrumental music and some underground funk/jazz  stuff, you might not know. Pilichowski is the best Polish bass player – one of those musicians who youngsters model themselves on when they take up guitar lessons. When he’s not touring with his band (what doesn’t happen very often) he’s a session musician for many Polish mainstream singers. Sometimes I’m really wondering… he could have been as famous as Larry Graham or Richard Bona. Maybe it’s the issue of a good/bad PR?

Sooooooo! Tonight I’m gonna have some fun and I wish you all the same! I’m sending you good bass vibes with one of my favourite tracks of Wojtek Pilichowski:

Wojtek Pilichowski – Bass Dance


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