crème brûlée

I promised myself I’d bake a cake this weekend.
I had no idea what sort of cake it’d be,
I just knew I wated to make something I new.
I reached out for my favourite cookbook with recipes for cakes, breads and cookies. I got this book from Saskia for Christmas 2009. She knew perfectly how to make me happy and she always repeated it wasn’t only for pleasure but also for developing my language skills (Ovenvers is written in Dutch). Today I opened it and looked for an inspiration. It wasn’t difficult to find. After coffee and lemon cake, I decided to make crème brûlée this time.

I checked if I had all ingredients needed and started to make it. Only after a while I realised I’d have to keep it in the fridge for the night so the results will be visible/tasted tomorrow. No worries though, we still have some poppyseed cake bought yesterday. My crème brûlée will be a little different than this one from the book, mostly by shape but hopefully really tasty. There are several kinds of this dessert in different countries – mostly in France (hence the name), Spain (also known as crema Catalana) and England (burnt cream). Every crème brûlée is different and it only depends on a cook how it’s prepared. To have an idea how it might look like, I suggest you to have a look at google images of crème brûlée.

I’m going to finish my cake tomorrow after work…
it makes my mouth water already!


2 Responses to “crème brûlée”

  1. crème brûlée – my favourite! Was it a success?

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