mountain afternoon

Spring outside is knocking on the door harder everyday. The sun shines shmelessly and the grass turns bright green. Jasmine will bloom soon and its sweet smell will try to seduce me once again… I love spring.
No wonder why – I’m a May girl
(my birthday & my middle name)!

The best things about spring is not only the season that lasts three months. Spring is the most beautiful when you carry it in your heart, even when it’s freezing cold and grey outside. Even when some things seem helpless.

Yesterday there was windy and swampy autumn around me. It was one of those bad days that come once in a while unbidden. I reached out for one of the happiest moments from the past few months…

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon on 1430m above sea level in a small mountain village called Foncebadón. I was enjoying green tea and writing my diary after a 25km walk from Astorga. The sights were great, the air was fresh and three little kittens that jumped on my laps were just so lovely… I took a deep breath and turned towards the sun.

Blissful moments were those…


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