During last two weeks my world has gone upside down. I found myself on a crossroad to
do a u-turn. Twice!

My rough plans for the coming months included
a trip to Italy (Easter) and Spain (two weeks on Monte do Gozo as a hospitalero voluntario in
a shelter), few weeks at home and then leaving for almost a year. My dream voluntary work was almost sure. I was supposed to go to a charming seaside town Bar in Montenegro. Unfortunately, due to some last-minute problems it didn’t work out. Needless to say, I was comepletly disappointed and sad. It took me almost a year to find an appropriate project and start with all formalities. I also planned the spring and summer months perfectly to go smoothly from one job/voluntary service to the other. I was also learning Serbian for the last two months to be able to communicate in the South of Europe.
In the end it turned out that my trip to Montenegro wasn’t even as sure as it had been
at the very beginning…

Meanwhile a bit discouraged and miserable I sent my CV to a couple of companies and started looking for another project. I sighed and thought – I need to reorganize my life and find a way to live it the way I want to.

In fact, things happen for a reason. Maybe not always but definitely very often. Maybe it’s a sign? Maybe instead of going to Montenegro something way better is yet to come? Maybe…

After a week I got a call from Ireland and an e-mail from Spain concerning job along with a message from Macedonia about voluntary work. Everything the same day! I couldn’t believe. If only I didn’t go to Italy and Spain now, I’d get a job in Dublin imediately. I was amazed.  The summer job in Spain sounds tempting (it’s just a temporary contract and I would be able to practise both Spain and Dutch at the same time) and I should know whether they’re interested in hiring me within two weeks. The project in Macedonia begins in September and we just need to start the application procedure…

Too good to be true? I hope not! Although experience taught me not to celebrate prematurely… I just hope for the best and I know
I have to think positive – it’s the key to success!


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