from the road

A quick update from the road.

Currently I’m on Monte do Gozo in Centro Europeo de Peregrinación y Pastoral Juvenil
Juan Pablo II
where I’ll spend two tweeks. I’ll be doing here a voluntary work as hospitalera – maintaining the shelter and taking care of pilgrims who stop here for the last time on their way to Santiago. Monte do Gozo is only 5km from the finish line so it often happens that people stop here for the night in order to enter Santiago in the very morning the next day.

The shelter is not directly on the way so most pilgrims go to albergue municipal not far from here. In the last days there were only a few people staying here, mostly the ones who couldn’t find the other shelter. We’ll see what next days
will bring.

I arrived to Lavacolla yesterday evening after traveling for a week in Italy. I spent two lovely days with Mic who invited me over to spend Easter with his family in Jesi. It was great to see him again, almost after a year! The celebrations were fun, especially when it got to drinking Żubrówka that I brought along (more about it soon)! Mic took me to the seaside for the Easter walk along the Adriatic Coast and drove to Bologna where I stayed for the next days. When it was goodbye-saying time I couldn’t help crying… and although I wanted to say so many things it was just impossible… Anna with whom I stayed patted me on the back smiling: Che bella l’amicizia.

The next days were flying slowly. I attended open air celebrations on Monte Sole due to 25th April, spent whole Tuesday strolling around in Bologna, missing my train to Verona on Wednesday and going to Modena where I decided not to go (now I’m glad I did!) in order to wait for the next train there. I fell in love with Verona and got to see Montova and lake Garda, too. My poor Italian improved in 200% and I even had a few chats with random people met on the street, at the train station and on a bus. The only thing missing during this trip were sun and 25C that I left
in Wrocław…

Luckily the Spanish sun seems to shine every day here! I’m doing fine and looking forward to the next days!

Greetings from gorgeous Galiza!


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  1. zazdroszczę! 🙂

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