italian easter #1: l’uovo di pasqua

I spent my first Easter abroad in Italy. My dear friend Mic invited me over to celebrate it with him and his family in Jesi (Marche). I was really looking forward to it and it was a lot of fun!

This year’s Easter will always be associated with l’uovo di Pasqua for me. I’ve never seen this amount of chocolate eggs in my whole life! It reminded me a lot of my childhood when getting
a Kinder chocolate egg on Sunday afternoon was the most anticipated thing during the weekend. But Italian chocolate Easter eggs were special – not only because of the size (and the size of the gift found inside) but also because of the packing. Wrapped in colourful papers with a nice ribbon.

After Sunday lunch all kids (read: the youngest generation… no one younger than 18) got their presents. Everyone started with the solemn unwrapping of the sweets. In order to see what eggs hide inside it was necessary to break them with some force, best with a fist as Martina, Michele’s sister, did. She was also the first one to see her trophy – the funky sunglasses. Marco (her boyfriend) worked on constructing his booty hidden in the giant Kinder chocolate egg. Mic got an elephant figure and I received a tiny zuccheriera.

Wondering how would I pack it to my fully loaded (and only) small backpack, I heard Mic’s aunt ordering me to take the rest of the chocolate. Obviously my un po’ meant something other for her because she started packing not only the chocolate from my egg but also some pieces from Martina’s and Marco’s. Well-equipped like that
I could leave for my next destination.

Within next few days l’uovo di Pasqua became not only a key word (almost like a secret code) but also a synonym of very sweet – literally – Easter!


2 Responses to “italian easter #1: l’uovo di pasqua”

  1. A sweet Easter for sweet people 😉

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