italian easter #3: all at sea

By followingcaminho

May 10, 2011

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On Easter Monday, when (almost) everyone celebrated Śmingus Dyngus in Poland, Mic took me for a ride and within 30 minutes we found ourselves walking along the coast in Senigallia.

I was really happy to spend the morning looking at Adriatic Sea, talking about some silly yet entertaining little things with my lovely friend instead of getting a bucket of water. Light wind and the sound of the floating sea were so peaceful and relaxing… The smell of the rain from the last night was a perfect complement
to our stroll.

Between conversations, laughs and photos one of my favourite Jamie Cullum’s song was
on my mind, too…

I’m all at sea
Where no-one can bother me
Forgot my roots
If only for a day
Just me and my thoughts sailing far away…

Ahhhh! Could this Easter Monday be better?


One Response to “italian easter #3: all at sea”

  1. Wow, 3 posts just for Easter…. I feel flattered!!
    Btw, thanks for the free advicing of my region’s cities 😉

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