that’s a fairy tale

By followingcaminho

May 23, 2011

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Everyone knows the old cliché saying that Paris is the most romantic city of all. I could not disagree more! I’ve never understood this hype around French capital – it is nice, it has got a specific atmosphere and loads of interesting places to see but should it really be called the most romantic place on Earth? And what about Prague and its magic? What about all those small Meditarranean towns we don’t hear about in the press? Aren’t they truly romantic…?

If romantic means narrow, marble streets, cafés under arcades, river embracing the heart of the city which could be entered through a beautiful Roman bridge – it has to be Verona. Two days in this enchanting Italian city assured me in my conviction that there are many wonderful places in Europe and that spending some time with one’s half-orange doesn’t have to mean France. Verona’s  adventage is definitely smaller number of tourist that flood Paris and partly kill the romantic spirit. The smell of fresh flowers and sleepy evenings on the hill above the shining city in the darkness… yes, ladies and gentlemen,
that’s a fairy tale
(no wonder why – ages ago! – Shakespeare chose this city for his masterpiece).


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