no fixed plan

My favourite way of travelling is travelling without any fixed plans. I usually begin just with an
A (start) and a B (finish) point. What comes in between is usually very spontaneous.  Having no concrete route for a longer period gives me not only freedom in chosing what to do next but also a great deal of flexibility
(especially while hitchhiking).
Lao Tzu said once: A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants.

During my stay in Italy I was sure to visit Bologna and Verona but hesitated about going to Modena and Brescia. I finally decided to pass over Modena (what I did with Brescia a couple of days later) and take a direct train to Verona but my destiny had an other plan. I missed the train which was my own fault (I realised too late there were more platforms with the same numbers destinguished by est and ovest descriptions) which resulted into 3 extra hours to settle in. Instead of waiting idly on the train station I bought one more ticket and chose for Modena.

However the town was small with little sights, I was looking forward to see one of the biggest cathedrals in Italy listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site. In vain, unfortunately… the whole temple was under reconstruction… huh, bad luck! But not discouraged of that fact I enjoyed strolling trough the streets of this charming city where the number of bikes beats the number of scooters (!). In addition to that I had my first (and last) sunny day there while travelling in Italy. Just lovely!
And when the time came, I put on my backpack once again and set off for the next journey…

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