pilgrims and stories

Every pilgrim has his own story. Sometimes they are funny and at times they’re sad.
But never meaningless.

During my stay at Centro de Peregrinación y Pastoral Juvenil Juan Pablo II there came many interesting people. I will never forget some of them…

Antonio: a middle-aged pilgrim from Portugal who’s lived in Spain (Catalunya) for 37 years. One day he showed up in our albergue and told me the story of his life… a story full of pain and sorrow. He spoke openly, wisely, smiling all the time. We spent over two hours lying on the grass and just being. There were tears, there was
a friendly hug and faith in better tomorrow…

Szymon: the pastry master! A Polish pilgrim who astonished everyone with his delicious cakes! We often talked about food and cooking exchanging ideas and recipes (and still do).

Jonathan & Gregg: a nice Englishman and a funny American. Two hungry souls provided with some soup and chops we had in the fridge
in the convent.

Ilaria & Alessandro: Italian pilgrims who started Camino in Burgos (Ilaria) and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Alessandro). Always similing and up to
a quick conversation. We were all happy to see each other when they came back the next day. They brought along a huge amount of positivity.

French ladies: four older ladies walking from Astorga. When they found out about my birthday they immediately stroke up Happy Birthday.

Nino & co: a big group of Italian pilgrims who spent their last night before entering Santiago playing the guitar, singing Italian evergreens (including Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu and Che sara’), cooking (Marta, mangiamo!), laughing
and having great time.

Heidi: a pilgrim from my favourite German
city – Dresden. An incredibly energetic and funny woman! So glad to had bumped into her on Praza do Obradoiro and had a chance to say goodbye properly before she set off for Finisterre!

Gianni & Brasilian: two nice guys from Italy and Brasil. They brought me and Agnieszka (my follower hostess) presents – a tiny bottle of Galician liqueur for each of us!

Finnish couple: a marriage that always smiled. They were modest and a little bit shy. Very kind. They told us they felt like home on
Monte do Gozo.

Lia (Evangelia): a paediatrics from Greece. I met her on Monte do Gozo when she looking for
a room and I offered her staying in Centro. A very pleasant lady. She left me her card in case I ever come to Greece!

Wherever they are and wherever
they’re heading…

Buen Camino!


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