beauty and dignity

Two days after arriving to Spain I finally got
a chance to go to Santiago. I’ve been to this incredible metropole twice and – surprisingly enough – I’ve never seen a single raindrop there. Third time lucky. The May chubascos didn’t make me feel lonely for long.

With the shining stones the city changed its ambience converting into even more magical and melancholic place. The sky merged with facades and soaring towers of churches while rain echoed together with fountains’ waters. The Compostela’s grayscale was broken only with dozens of colourful umbrellas.

I swerved between narrow streets of Santiago passing Praza de Cervantes, Praza da Quintana, Rua de Fonseca, Rua de Conga, Praza do Obradoiro and many others hiding under arcades from time to time. I was redescovering the city again with all its beauty and dignity.


One Response to “beauty and dignity”

  1. wystarczyła jedna sekunda, bym rozpoznała te santiagowskie schody. Ach! Cóż za wspomnienia! 🙂

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