on costa brava shores

Platja D’Aro, Costa Brava, Spain. It’s 1997 and it’s my first time in Spain ever. I’m overwhelmed by everything – palmtrees, the clear see, the weather, people, the language. I enjoy this trip
a lot and even forget about Paris and Andorra we visited on our way.
That’s when my love for Spain is born.

Fourteen years later I happen to be in the same place again. I came here (it’s actually Sant Antoni de Calonge, 2km from Platja D’Aro) to spend the summer working on one of the campsites.

It’s been already a month and if you still wonder if I’m alive – I am. I work at the front office six days a week. It’s a perfect language practise but the job itself can be stressful from time to time, especially if you have to deal with an arrogant client. Luckily for us, there aren’t many. I’ve already had a chance to make friends with some people from different countries. Apart from the languages I speak I’ve started doing check-ins in Italian and German and I’m bloody proud of myself!

We are a very young team living here on the campsite, most of us aged 20-27. It makes things work easier too and we are like a big family. I feel like I’ve been knowing some of them for a very long time and I’m sure there’ll be a river of tears in the end of the summer…

Since one week I’ve also got a flatmate (or should write caravan/mobile-home mate?). Thanks to Ania my access to the Internet has grown loads within last few days. I can’t complain, though. The lack of the connection was somehow… very nice. Funny how little things we really need and how we can do without them. Ania is a crazy chatterbox who’s also a Couchsurfer and – just like me – a big fan of tinto de verano (there’s always a bottle in our fridge)! Seems like we were meant to be living together, yay!

So far, so good!

And how do you all spend the summer?


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