summer résumé #2: amparo!

By followingcaminho

September 8, 2011

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The word of the summer. That’s how our days mostly started – with a cheerful greeting and
a wide smile. Gemma introduced “Amparo” to our vocabulary in honour of her friend who’s always used it. The word stuck with us all and by the end of the summer we couldn’t imagine a single day without someone shouting Amparoooooooooo! (or Amparico if we wanted to show a bigger dose of affection). The Eurocamp couriers were especially delighted by this unconvential way of:
a) greeting one another
b) showing tenderness to one another
c) calling someone instead of using this
person’s real name
d) describing someone who’s absent (often in combination with a last name)
Our “Amparo” was a synonym to a “friend”. Not everyone had a privilage to be called like that. We used it mostly amongst the campsite’s receptionists and Eurocamp couriers and we had
a lot of fun being the only ones from Amparolandia.

I cannot imagine the work on the campsite without the Amparos… if not Ania, Gemma, Charlie, Marysia and James it wouldn’t be nice. I mean here especially the support we showed to each other, the readiness to cheer up one another on a bad day. Nights out in the city and candlelight evenings on the beach were always joyful and crazy. Really away-some! I only regret we didn’t hook up with the Eurocamp guys earlier because unlike our Spanish collegues they were truly amusing and didn’t only look for a one night stand each time we headed Platja D’Aro (aprovechar la temporada how would they say…).
Well, cultural issue I guess.

Within the Amparos there were more
word games born:
a) away-some – the absolute cracker made up by Anna when she was struggling with the pronunciation of awesome; since that everything was awaaaaaay-some!
b) to be on the cake – another gem by Anna; are you on the cake? and we’re on the cake ruled
our daily conversations
c) elephant – one day Charlie popped up with
a weird question: can I get one elephant, please? and demanded knowing how to say it in Spanish and Polish. Ever since old, kind-hearted elephant became our friend. And later on during a drinking game on the beach we even created the zoo…
Elephant. Elephant, elephant. Elephant, elephant, giraffe. Elephant, elephant, giraffe, zebra.
d) Vera on the rocks – a cocktail Los Eurocampos served the other day during a cocktail nightthe terror of the campsite and our superior was Vera. Unfortunately, before leaving we didn’t manage to organise another cocktail night and so Vera on the beach has never been born… pitty!

Ohhh, gosh, I’ll miss them all!


One Response to “summer résumé #2: amparo!”

  1. wow, to zdjęcie wygląda jak bardzo stare, pozdzierane już przez czas mozaiki:) Fajne!

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