in my shoes

It’s been a little bit more than two weeks since
I came back home to Wrocław. There are a lot of things to do, lots of stuff to be taken care of before I leave again, this time for longer. In between going through my “inventory”, meeting up with friends, seeing my family, shopping, learning about one particular country located in South-Eastern Europe, I managed to escape for
a few days and visit my Belgian friend Joeri (also known as Banana) in Prague.

Lovely capital of Czech Republic hasn’t lost anything from its charm. It still embraces you with her art nouveau arms and invites you for a lazy, sunny afternoon break on Kampa. After my 6th visit to this city (4th within last 3 years) it feels like home really… like home meaning both advantages and disadvantages. For the first time being there
I experienced the unusual sensation of everything being predictable and common. Every corner, every building, every bridge… everything was just so familiar. It was a strange feeling I haven’t had before in any other place. A dangerous feeling that could lead to indifference at some point and the feeling I didn’t like at all. I think I might need
a longer break to miss Prague once again, to feel the urge to see it and visit my favourite places.
To see it the way I’ve always seen it – full with love and nostalgy.

During last weekend’s stay I did, however, something I haven’t done before. While waiting for Joeri to get ready I was scanning his city guide. At some point I found a small piece of information about Bata department strore. It said that on the upper floor there was a very nice view on Václavské náměstí – the main city square. And so on our way home we stopped by the shop and headed the 5th floor. The view was in fact great. If only the Bata neons weren’t set up by the windows, we could admire the whole square and get really cool shots. Unfortunately, we had to satisfy ourselves with a corner with a limited angle but nevertheless we were able to enjoy it. Moreover, the spontaneous idea of going there was worth a while, we found out that the only sales provided by Bata were… on the upper floor. We left the department store with some nice photos and with a pair of shoes each!


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