encant de valència

I’ve been away so much during last 5 months that updating Caminho was almost imposible. There was, however, one city that I’ve wanted to write about all this time. Valencia.

I flew to Valencia after finishing my voluntary work in the albergue on Monte do Gozo. It was one of those big Spanish cities that I haven’t seen before and felt like now there was a perfect time to do so. I didn’t expect much of the city. In fact,
I wondered if it’s another big metropole with wide streets, lots of traffic and some imperial sites. How pleasantly was I surprised when I got there!

On a grey, rainy day there aren’t many things that could amaze you but Valencia somehow had this charm… Wide streets changed into small, curvy alleys and the monuments began to pop up around every corner. I absolutely fell in love with Plaça de la Mare de Déu with its beautiful fountain and with Plaça de la Reina and its orange trees. I loved the medieval curches, art nouveau buildings, Malvarrosa district, nice beaches, parks, squeres and the amazing architecture (especially Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía  and L’Oceanogràfic – the photografic paradise).

I spent there two days and a half before heading South, to Alicante. Sometimes two days seem like eternity but this time it definitely wasn’t enough. If I could, I’d stay there longer to look for the Valencia’s jewels hidden somewhere between old and modern, wide and narrow, light and shady…
It’s an amazing city. A city worth coming back to!


3 Responses to “encant de valència”

  1. Pomiędzy Valencią a Alicante jest piękne średniowieczne miasteczko położone na wzgórzu. Widać je doskonale z pociągu. To Xativa. Śni mi się ona po nocach, bo w niej nie byłam, a wielokrotnie planowałam i teraz, kiedy słyszę o Walencji lub Alicante, nie myślę o nich, tylko o tym miasteczku dwóch papieży…

  2. Xativa ma o wiele dłuższą historię niż tylko sięgającą średniowiecza, ale na cześć tych papieży niech będzie średniowieczna:)

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