welcome to macedonia!

Macedonia! I’m finally here! Mission accomplished, another dream came true! On 1st November the new adventure starts!

I’ve just moved here for the next 9 months and I’m going to work as a volunteer at SPPMD (Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency). The project I’ll be a part of is within the confines of EVS – European Voluntary Service. EVS are various activities (environment, anti-discrimination, disability, media and communication, art and culture, education through sport and outdoor activities, health, minorities, European awareness, Gender equality, anti-discrimination, etc) supervised by the European Union that finances the projects. It is aimed for people aged 18-30 and it puts a big emphasis on volunteer’s self-development.

I was looking for a project for one year and a half until I came here. It was a really long process, especially find an organization that would like to host me as a volunteer. I sent few dozen e-mails (mostly to Spain) and got only a few negative replies until I got a positive answer from one organization in Montenegro 8 months after
I started sending messages. They say that finding
a project is 80% of success. I just needed 20%. But then everything started getting complicated… firstly, the sending organization realized few days before the deadline their accreditation was expired and then the hosting organization forgot to send needed information for the application. We ended up with nothing. I was devastated and mad. I didn’t get that angry for a long time and the worst things was that nothing depended on me. Sometimes people can really let you down – and so it was in my very case…

Few days after the big disappointment there was, however, hope. An organization from Kavadarci in Macedonia replied my e-mail and they wanted us to start the application procedure. I was kind of careful with happiness outbursts whatsoever at the beginning but with time it seemed like we were on the right track. In august I got the official confirmation that the project has been approved and I could slowly start with the preparations
for my trip.

In September I signed the Activities Agreement, in the first days of October bought the tickets and finally arrived here on Thursday evening. The new country, new life, new experiences… everything is just about to start now!


2 Responses to “welcome to macedonia!”

  1. Hope you’ll have a great time there 🙂 I’ve been trying to apply for EVS for a long time as well, it’s very time consuming. 6 months ago I had a hosting organization and a project, the problem in my case is that none of the sending organizations I contacted sent my application (i missed two deadlines). I think it’s strange that none of the people I know who have applied were fully satisfied with the program. It’s a shame, it could have been designed in a more practical way for the volunteers.

    • Zdravo! Yes, that’s very strange indeed. You must feel very disappointed… I felt the same when the organization from Montenegro didn’t send the documents for a deadline. But now I’m in Macedonia in a really great organization where both the coordinator and the supervisor care about those things. I think you should start looking for an other organization/project and not give up! It took me more than a year to find myself in a place where I am now but finally I arrived! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! 🙂

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