oh, segovia!

I like to recall my previous trips, places I’ve visited, people I’ve met and things that I’ve done very much. Especially when a full year has just passed. The sweet note of nostaly is not only
heart-warming but makes me promise myself I will come back on the same track in the future. Although, sometimes it seems to be really difficult, I try to do my best to to be up to with my dreams. One of them is to visit lovely Segovia again.

Segovia was the last city during my autumn trip in Spain in 2010. I can still feel the cold, November wind on my face and the taste of sinfully delicious hot chocolate I sipped in a fancy place in La Granja de San Ildefonso (about 11km away from Segovia). I can see the Roman aqueduct, the façade of the ancient cathedral, the city walls and the beautiful mountains with their snowy peaks all around. I can hear loud footsteps on a rainy paving and silence dancing on the small, narrow streets. I can feel the warmth of a fireplace in one of the most amazing houses I’ve ever seen in my life and see the fields of gold when you walk out the front door. I smell the coming winter when
I breathe deeply and when I look at white-blue Christmas decorations hung above my head. I live life to the fullest strolling around and taking pictures in the beautiful gardens of
La Granja…

Oh, Segovia… such a wonderful place on Earth!

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