there, where paradise begins

Before going to Sarajevo I haven’t thought about visiting Montenegro on the way back. In fact,
I was quite sure I’ll be travelling via Belgrade or Niš. After the long ride to Bosna I decided, however, to find a better way back home. Having 15 hours long drive on my mind (with numerous stops at border check-points that drag terribly),
I was seeking for a better solution. One of the ideas was to go via Montenegro – the country
I placed a lot of faith in last year concerning my volunteer work. Extra encouraged by my Slovenian friend Blaž, I decided to take a morning bus to Podgorica. I’ve read and heard that the way between Sarajevo and the Montenegrin capital is incredibly beautiful.

The bus to Podgorica was leaving at 8.15 in the morning. It was an old, well-worn vehicle, most likely older than me. It had no heating (which resulted in spending the whole trip in my coat with the scarf around my neck) and every time the driver had to break, it would roll dozens of centimetres more to finally stop with a squeak.

At the bus station I met a very nice Montenegrin boy called Kenan (a goldsmith) who was visiting his cousin in Sarajevo and heading back home. We sat next to each other on the bus. He knew this route by heart so every time we passed some amazing landscape, Kenan would tell me how is it called. He was a really kind and lovely guy so
I wanted to invite him for a cup of coffee when we paused… it was such a faux-pas! I almost deadly offended him when I asked a waiter to bring the bill and reached out for my purse.
– No, no, no! We’re on the Balkans! Men pay!
– But I really want to invite you to…
– No, no, no! You’re not paying!

Three hours after the departure we crossed Bosnian-Montenegrin border and this is were the paradise began

…Mountains raising from a lake, tunnels cut in the rocks that looked like archs made of hundreds of cubes, lonely houses on the ridges, small waterfalls, trees growing on the faces…

Something devine. Absolutely exquisite. So special… I haven’t seen views like those before. There would never be enough words to
describe it.
You have to see it.


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