token of love

I assume it was a love story. No. I’m absolutely sure it was. They were young and beautiful. The whole world was at their feet. She had silk hair, he had starry eyes. They were called Rukija and Aliriza. And they were in love…

Yesterday by chance I found a piece of cloth in one of the kitchen’s drawers. A small, yellowish, frayed material with an interesting printed
design – a couple on their wedding day.
Underneath the picture the caption:

Who were they? Did they marry in Macedonia?
In Kavadarci? Were they living in this flat many years ago? How old were they? Where are they now? Are they happy? And are they still together…?

Rukija was most likely a Balkan girl while Aliriza
(or Ali Riza) would have probably been of
a Turkish descent. They married on 18th August 1990, a difficult period for the Balkans. I wonder if they stayed here or emigrated like lots of families looking for better future? If it was a real Balkan wedding, there were traditional music, tasty food and many guests. One of them was given this piece of cloth (napkin I guess?) as a souvenir later to be found by a stranger who got fascinated by this misterious story…

I’m going to keep it. As a good token.
A token of love.

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