wedding behind the window

It turned out that the wedding napkin was
the dot above the i. One day before I found it,
I witnessed a Macedonian wedding through
my kitchen window.

Mostly when I hear uproar outside it’s because
of basketball supporters who gather in front
of the Sports Centre that is just on the other side of the street. Sometimes it could also be groups of youngsters who dribble on the adjoining sporst ground. I’ve pretty much got used to those adrent supporters, their chants, rapturous applause and loud screams. This time, however, the familiar commotion was replaced but something else… I could hear happiness and positive energy in people’s jolly voices.
Soon also the music followed.

When I looked through the window, I saw a bunch of wedding guests dancing in a circle. They embraced each other and moved anticlockwise singing traditional songs. Some of them played instruments (an accordion and trumpets) and
a few cars standing behind them were decorated with white ribbons while drivers kept on honking marrily. The fun lasted for some more minutes before all of them disappeared from the street
and continued elsewhere.

Back in 1999 Goran Bregović and the Polish singer Kayah recorded an album that became
a huge success in Poland. Simply called
Kayah & Bregović the CD broke many records and became one of best-selling albums in the country.
One of their biggest hits was a song called
Prawy Do Lewego
that tells a story about a big wedding fête. Both the track and the video were praised not only by the press but also by listeners. The Macedonian wedding behind my window reminded me of this joyful song that combines both Balkan & Polish culture:

Kayah & Bregović
Prawy Do Lewego


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