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December 5, 2011

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Sometimes it’s one decision. Or one call. Or one moment. Life works the funny way. You never know who’ll cross your path in the future.

Sometimes it’s one person who makes your day brighter. Someone who puts a smile on your face even if you don’t feel like smiling. Someone whose positive energy embraces you with all its force and pours pleasant warmth into your body and soul. Someone like A.

A. is one of those beautiful people that I once met and that I’ll never forget. No matter if my Caminho crosses his or not, I will always keep the memory of him in my heart. The memory of somebody who within very short time became a special friend.
A friend I will always care about even if I’m thousands kilometres away. A friend I would call majo, because he’s always been like that.  A friend who would always bring me delicious coffee.
A friend with whom I’d have a deeply honest conversation in car parked few hundred meters from the sea. For half of the night. A friend whose words would touch me when I was leaving…

It’s A‘s birthday today.

How I wish I was over there to tell him that…

I wish him all the very best in this world,
That his heart is filled with joy,
That the stars show him the Way,
That the life is beautiful.

Because he deserves it.
He deserves it like no one else.

Felicitats, querido A.

2 Responses to “felicitats”

  1. Very personal and sweet. He is very lucky for having someone feeling like this for him and you are very lucky having someone that arises feelings like these 🙂

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