turkish tea & višnja

Skopje – the capital of Macedonia, the city where cultures meet. The Stone Bridge (Kamen Most) connects the Slavic world on the west with the oriental labyrinth of streets and small, charming cafés on the eastern bank of the Vardar River.

The Ottoman spirit is still present on the Old Bazaar (Stara Čaršija). Historic buildings, monuments, mosques determine the exceptionality of this place. An afternoon on Čaršija wouldn’t be complete without visiting a Turkish café.

There is this wonderful place in Skopje almost in the heart of the Old Bazaar. The place where
a glass of hot Turkish tea tastes best. The place where mostly men sip their beverages and play domino, dices or cards. The place with
a wonderful view from the terrace. The place where tea and višnja (hot cherry drink) cost only
10 denars… A paradise!

Just imagine:
it’s a December afternoon, about
5 degrees outside. You look through a balustrade of the wooden terrace admiring the view. The tiny hot glass keeps your hands warm while the pleasant warmth of your drink goes through your body. Sour-sweet taste caress your tongue…
Can I get another one?
One more it is. 


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