sunday hiking

Last Sunday we did some hiking with Lubica, Matej (Slovak volunteers from Kreactiv) and a group of youngsters. We went to Saint Nikola monastery about 5 kilometres away from Kavadarci. We were very pleased with the weather because even though it was cloudy, it wasn’t very cold. The
few hours hike was a lot of fun and we had
some good laughs.

The monastery was closed and the whole complex was empty. The tranquillity of this place was amazing. Behind the buildings there was
a small wooden bridge leading to a spring with
a bas-relief of Saint Nikola. We met an eldery couple who drove up to the monastery to get some water from this spring. Some of the boys helped them fill the plastic bottles and carried them to their red Yugo.

On the way back to Kavadarci we played with heaps of autumn leaves and made a small photo shoot on a tractor parked on the road. We could tell the owner wasn’t happy about it… he started screaming and chasing us with a shovel!
Luckily, we survived :).

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