family sunday walk

Yesterday was probably the most beautiful day this autumn. I think I’ve never experienced such weather in December before… sunrbeams embracing me tightly, light wind stroking my face, the smell of conifers… so blissful.

I went with the boys for a Sunday walk. Almost
a model family walk which made me feel as if I was their older sister. I walked arm in arm with Angel trying to escape the cigarette’s smoke that was attacking me. I took his hand in mine shaking my head with disapproval. Yellow-tabacco-fingers. Zošto, Angelito, zošto?

We headed Gradski Park. There was a tower on
a hill which we climbed. The view was great –
we could see the panorama of the city and the hills surrounding Kavadarci.

We weren’t the only ones who took the adventage of great weather. A girl with a skipping rope, families with kids, three women walking
a dog in a tiny blue shirt. With time there were more and more people coming to the park, some of them joining us on the tower.

In particular I paid attention to this charming picture: a father and son hugging each other and looking into the distance. What were they looking at? What did they see? What did the big man say to the small man? I couldn’t help but taking a peek
at them. So much love and trust was suddenly around. So many positive feelings on this beautiful day. Although I couldn’t directly reach for it,
I captured it in a picture.

Now I can reach for it
I want…

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