faith in people

What’s the most important ingredient
of my travels?
Courage? Openness? Madness? Curiosity?

I’ve always believed that without other people we would be nothing. That travels wouldn’t have been as intensive taste as they have with others around. The human element is essential in discovering the world. So what’s the most important ingredient of my travels?
Faith in people.

Faith in others has always kept me on moving forward. If one day I wasted my time with someone who wasn’t worth attention, I knew I’d be recompensed with a company of somebody interesting the following day. It’s karma.

Without faith in people I wouldn’t have seen many things and places in my life. Without it I wouldn’t have hitchhiked the half of Europe. Without it
I would be afraid. I am not.

It’s been almost seven years now of intensive travels. Seven years of meeting friendly strangers some of whom became real friends. Seven years of great memories from the road. Seven years nobody will be able to take from me… Ever.

A Polish chairman of aluminiumworks on Iceland,
a Swiss photographer (Michael), a Spanish family from Madrid (Miguel, María, Coral), an American solidier stationed in Germany (Tommy), an actress from Dresden, a firefighter from Brugge, an English businessman traveling in Portugal, all wonderful truckers from Poland (Daniel), Slovenia (Hari), Spain, Germany, Slovakia (Martin), Bulgaria, Turkey (Murat), Italy. And all other nameless drivers who reached their hands to me…



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