zagreb chill

Christmas finished and it was time to hit the road again: direction Croatia, destination Zagreb!

Hitchhiking out of Ljubljana was a true misfortune. It took me three different spots and almost ninety minutes to get a first ride. With a fellow hitchhiker by the way. My trip moved at a snail’s pace but once I hopped on a truck that was going to Tuzla (Bosnia) I had a direct ride to the Zagreb’s outskirts. Covering a distance of 140 kilometres took me… four hours. Hmmm, what can I say? Better late than never! A very nice lady with whom I had a friendly chat gave me a lift to the part of the city where my host lived. At first she thought
I was Czech but when I told her I was from Poland she went into ecstasies about Cracow. When
I fervently thanked her, she grinned and said she was very glad she took me with her.

Brane and his American flatmate Marlon turned out to be free spirits and that’s probably why I felt so comfortable with them. The next two days were all about relaxing and having good time in the Croatia’s capital. I joined the happy crowd who cheered while one DJ, a beatboxer and Marlon playing the sax were jamming on the street in the centre in the freezing cold. I loved riding a bike around Zagreb – a perfect city for cycling with its big, wide spaces and a lot of bike paths (there’s no better way of getting to know the metropole than this, even if the temperature varies from
1 to -1 degrees)! I took my time for little night strolls and taking pictures in the places I haven’t been to fours years back. I played (or actually – tried my luck) drums in Brane’s wicked garage.
I got lost in the narrow streets of the Old Town and find my way home just counting on my intuition. I drank in the views and the atmosphere. I took a bite of a bar of milk chocolate
with biscuits.
Small things that make you happy.

I was leaving Zagreb in light rain… as if the city was sad to let me go. Was it? I’m sure we’ll meet again. Third time. Lucky again.


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