burek in belgrade

If the tourist guides say that the best burek on the Balkans is in Belgrade, there must be something in it! I comepletly fell in love with it in the Serbian capital. I’ve tried many pastries of this type in different places but the one I ate in Belgrade was just perfect. There’s nothing better for brunch like burek with cheese and natural yoghurt to drink!
Simply delicious!


Burek originates from Turkey (börek) but is widely known in all Balkan countries. It is a pastry made of thin dough (a kind of puff pastry) and deep-fried. The filling can consist of cheese, meat, spinach and even fruit. The shape of burek also differs a little bit depending on a country – in Macedonia or Serbia it would be round, while in Bosnia it’s rolled and looks like a snail’s shell. There are a lot bakeries where you can buy it or tiny bars where only this dish is served. It’s usual to eat it in the morning or in the evening and drink yoghurt along.


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