beograd mysteries

Belgrade is cool and cloudy. Belgrade is enormous. Belgrade is chaos. I’ve never been to
a city where drivers honk at each other with such crazy frequency as here. The Serbian capital has both something from sophisticated and fallen beauty. Sometimes it reminds me Vienna, with its tenement houses and palaces. Sometimes is just another grey, crowded and suffocating metropole. At times it feels even like a battle field. A place where history and modern times frivolously flirt with each other, where two rivers meet, where nothing’s clear-cut. A place of many faces.

Maybe Belgrade is so interesting because it’s full of contrasts. You can find a new story on every corner. There are still hundreds of riddles to
be solved.

Two days wasn’t enough to get to know this misterious city but was definitely enough to arouse my curiosity. The first day I had a great guide and I saw most of Belgrade’s landmarks.
I learned a bit about the its history and its architecture. My level of Serbian increased rapidly during my stay and I felt really confident talking to people the next day while I was strolling alone through the busy streets discovering my own way to experience the city.

Beograd, Beograd.
We’ll meet again soon.
I promise.

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