beautiful new year

The New Year started for me together with
a beautiful sunrise that I saw from a train.
I decided to escape busy cities and big platic parties and spend New Year’s Eve away from tumult and meaningless words. On a train. On my way back home from Serbia to Macedonia.

After drinking some beer with Red Star supporters at night and enjoying the views behind the window once new day was born I found myself in the old part of Skopje, close to the fortress. Strolling around on this beautiful day was almost metaphysical… such peace, calmness, sun, cloudless sky, mountains around… Could any New Year’s Party beat that? I doubt it.

Around 11 o’clock I went down the hill to see if the Turkish café was opened. My timing was perfect as the owner arrived at the very same moment as me. Although, technically, the place was closed he invited me in for a coffee. We started talking and from one word to another the new friendship was born. Two cups of coffee, one glass of water, višnja and portokal, a cake and playing local kind of rummikub dozen of times. The time was passing very quickly. We talked for hours about everything and nothing. And we laughed a lot!

– So, do you know any Turkish?
– Not really. Just few words.
– Which?
– Jok. Evet. Kilo amak (eng. ‘to gain weight’).
– Kilo amak?!
– Da.
– Hahaha! But how do you know THIS?
– Saw it in a dictionary once, hahaha.

Four hours later I decided it was about to move on. Naser offered to give me a ride to the volunteers’ house where I was headed. In fact he knew a few volunteers from Skopje including Jadzia and Awa with whom I was in Sarajevo during the on-arrival training.

It was a wonderful day!
Could the New Year start better?
Thank you, Caminho.
You always know where to lead me.
You always know…


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