baby caminho

I’ve always liked taking pictures. Capturing diverse images the way I see them.

I got my first camera when I was two. A beautiful Zenit. A birthday present that I’ve never used but the one that was used to portray the first few years of my life. When I was grown up and ready to learn how to use it the oldschool Zenit was gone. When my parents got divorced some things just disappeared along with my greedy father…

I owned two other cameras when I was
a teenager but the one I got for my 18th birthday was truly mine. My mum decided to make one of my dreams come true. Back in those days I was one of the very few kids who had their own digital camera. A small silver block. It was a great friend during my first travels in Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

Two years ago I bought the Nikon SRL camera I’ve been dreaming of for a very long time. I’ve never had enough money to buy it but once
I came back from the Netherlands where I worked hard the whole summer it was just a matter of time. And this is how it’s started…

Photography has turned out to be something more than taking some snaps to share with others. It’s become fun, challenge, art. I am far away from being called a photographer let alone an artist. But I love it. I love the feeling when you pick up the camera, make a shot and feel thrilled about the result. It’s something only the ones who love it can understand. All of this has driven me to organise an exhibition with my photos from the Dutch province of Zealand and (unexpectedly) to win a photo contest called Ciemna Strona Wrocławia last winter.

I was planning to prepare a special Christmas gift in December but it shifted in time a bit. I didn’t want it to be incomplete and I’ve been working on it until now. Today I’m proud to present you my black & white photo gallery. It’s a collection of photos from the Balkans I’ve been taking since November. Currently there are few dozens of snaps from Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina but there are much more about to come! I hope you like it!


Baby Caminho



2 Responses to “baby caminho”

  1. Nice pics indeed, proficiat!

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