Recently there’s been a lot about traveling, traveling and… traveling! But not only travels do feed your soul. It’s music, too!

The most popular band from the Balkan region in our volunteers’ community is definitely S.A.R.S. Their famous song Buđav Lebac has quickly become the song of the EVS for many of us and the video has been posted on many profiles since I’ve started living here. There’s no party where you couldn’t hear people humming
njam, njam, njam, njam

S.A.R.S. is a Serbian group blending many music genres like rock, reggae, ska, blues, jazz, alternative, hip-hop and folk. The group was formed in 2006 and the name is abbreviation of Sveže Amputirana Ruka Satrijanija (Свеже Ампутирана Рука Сатрианија) which could be translated as “Freshly Amuptated Hand of Satriani”.

The band is not mainstream but they gained popularity in Serbia and other ex-Yugoslav republics where they play a lot during spring and summer both in clubs and open-air festivals. Their second record called Perspectiva (premiere at midnight on 31st December 2010) was released for free and could be downloaded from
a local MTV website.

Have a look at some S.A.R.S.’s videos and
enjoy their music!

Buđav Lebac

Mir I Ljubav


MTV Express
To Rade, Mir I Ljubav & Ustaj Brate


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