carpe diem

When I look through the window and see the snow falling down harder with every hour, I’ve got fond memories of my small trip to Italy

I spent only four days in the fatherland of Dante but I definitely enjoyed it! The weather was perfect – sunshine every day and about 12-13 degrees.
I could feel and smell the spring waking up. Treviso smelled like jasmine, people in Padova would start picknicking and Vicenza seemed to be an ideal city for long walks.

Just before going to Italy I was sinking in my dishevelled thoughts, desperately looking for some sense. I haven’t found it until I put my feet on Macedonian ground again. The time spent in Italy, in different environment, with different people gave me a lot positive feedback.
I rechearged my batteries and came back in
a light-hearted mood. Feeling free and joyful
once again!

My trip started with hitchhiking to the airport. After I got a ride to Rosoman in a small and very old Yugoslavian Zastava 750, I was taken by two Albanians from Resen. Speeding on the highway with Koran on the dashboard and being given an Arabic name (Marie) by a driver who was wearing a turban and a tunic, one hour later I was already at the terminal. This time my flight wasn’t delayed and I landed in Treviso on time.

Te lo dico io – said the elderly lady on the bus when I asked her for my stop. When I got off
I stopped for a moment to sink into the atmosphere around me.
Ciao, Italia! Ciao, bella!

The next three days were all about visiting the cities, walking kilometres and getting lost in the maze of narrow streets. It was also a time for enjoying Italian drinks and food – spritz, pizza
(an excellent margheritta with mozzarella di bufala!), gelati… who would resist straciatella and tiramisu ice-cream? Ahhh! In Vicenza, on the other hand, it was my turn to cook for the EVS volunteers I was staying with – two girls from Germany and France and a guy from Montenegro.

I fell in love with piazzas in Padova! Piazza del Prato della Valle, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza dei Frutti, Piazza Garibaldi… all of them are astonishing pieces of art! Basilica Sant’Antonio is breathtaking! The enchanting streets of Ghetto hide some secret…

Beauty. Dignity. Power. Love.
Some of you may wonder why didn’t I go to Venice, Verona or Milano? I’ve been to all these places before. I’m glad that I chose different places in Veneto this time.
It was definitely worth it!

Ti amo, Italia.
Ti amo.

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