One of the most popular sweets on the Balkans is baklava – a dessert originating from Middle East. It is a pastry made of phyllo dough (in Macedonia called kori) and nuts and it’s sweetened either with sugar syrup or honey. There are many local variation of baklava starting from the shape (rolls, diamonds, squeres, triangles, rectangles), the garnish (almonds, nuts, pistachios, syrup,
whipped cream) and size.

Last Sunday a few of my Macedonian friends decided to make it for me. Armed with kori, butter, nuts and chocolate they immediately started with the preparations. The smell of melting butter and chocolate filled the whole flat while they were rolling kori filled with nuts. Somewhere in between we were just fooling around, dancing, singing and I was making a casserole with spinach, meadow mushrooms, lentils and potatoes
for lunch.

Three hours later baklava was ready.
Sweetened with the sugar syrup and garnished with chocolate. Delicious!


For the curious ones – a short movie about how to make baklava from the very beginning (including kori):
Macedonian Cuisine – Baklava


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